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Our Mission:  To unify the cycling community to have a stronger voice in promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation.  

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Upcoming Events
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Redlands/Loma Linda Ride Center
Good News! We were accepted for Ride Center Review! This summer David Estes and Jon Baty have been busy working collaboratively with IMBA on the final details of the application and compiling everything required for submission and approval.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. They have developed the following proposal to professionally evaluate our trail networks and develop a status recommendation. We have some $$ to raise, grand total of $11,500 to make sure all cost are covered plus a small portion to IEBA for helping fund-raise. Please contribute here.
Progress: $ 451.00 received toward our goal of $ 11,500.00
Inland Empire Biking Alliance
This is a general fund that helps support the overall operations of the IEBA. The money is split among the various programs along with helping start up new programs.
Bicycle Cooperatives and Kitchens
This fund is to keep the bike coops/kitchens (BBQ+Hubitat) open. The kitchens incur costs such as rent, parts and other overhead costs.



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