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Our Mission:  To unify the cycling community to have a stronger voice in promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation.  

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Resources for Governments and Contractors

IEBA is committed to seeing the best infrastructure end up on the ground to benefit everyone in the region. For local agencies, IEBA offers grant writing services and outreach to the population to both identify and promote projects as well as obtain the funding to get them built. We are also intimately familiar with the region and offer a unique perspective of the user that is often missing from too many projects.
For contractors, we offer advice on the details and latest best practices of bicycling infrastructure and are here to help ensure that everything gets built or marked right the first time. Additionally, we are available to offer advice on work zone detours and accommodations of bicyclists to ensure that what is provided will be usable by bicyclists and intuitive to use.
The information and links below are meant to lend additional guidance to municipalities when looking at cycling infrastructure, particularly Class IV bikeways (also known as cycletracks, separated/protected bikeways).
  Purpose of the Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists is to provide transportation agencies and RSA teams with a better understanding of the safety of cyclists in the transportation system when conducting an RSA. These Guidelines present the RSA team with an overview of basic principles of the safety of cyclists and potential issues affecting cyclists. They also provide information on how to conduct an RSA and effectively assess the safety of cyclists. Prompt lists describe safety considerations when conducting a cyclist-specific RSA 


 Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide (FHWA)


Urban Bikeway Design Guide (NACTO)


 An excellent resource for developing standards for: 

  • Bike lanes
  • Intersections
  • Signs and markings
  • Cycle Tracks
  • Signals
  • Bike Boulevards



Bike Shops