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Our Mission:  To unify the cycling community to have a stronger voice in promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation.  

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Looking to teach Bicycle Safety and Skills? Become an LCI

LCI Certification

Becoming a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified to teach Smart Cycling is a great way to help cyclists in your community. Certified instructors can teach Smart Cycling classes to children as well as adults. Help bring the joy of safe cycling to others. If you are an experienced cyclist and would like to teach others please consider taking the next step towards certification. Becoming a League member and taking Traffic Skills 101 are prerequisites for a certification seminar. Instructors are trained at seminars held periodically throughout the year.

To register, first choose a seminar from the Instructor Seminar Schedule page. You may click through from that page to register, or download our course registration form. You much be a League member to register for a course and to maintain the LCI certification.

If you have questions call the League at 202-822-1333 or email

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding LCI Certification


Kid's Bicycle Ambassador Program

For fifth through eighth graders.  Limited to 18 students. Taught by 2-3 IEBA staff.

Four 90 minute classes; 6 hours of total instruction.

The goal of this training is to produce responsible, skilled riders who can lead by example and help other students achieve safe and enjoyable bike riding.  Students will be evaluated on their

ability to ride properly, make smart decisions, and be self

reliant .  IEBA will provide spare bikes for students who do not have a safe bike.  Each session will focus on three areas: Riding Skills, Safety, Basic Mechanics and Advanced Riding ability.


· Kid’s bike playground: focuses on riding skills development. A course on-road and/or off-road will be used to test various skills: turning, braking, vision and balance.

· Safety Clinic: Students will learn the importance of road rules, predictability and safety equipment (helmets).

· Basic Mechanics-students will learn how to fix a flat tire, patch tube, check brakes, fill tires,lubricate chain and make sure other parts are in good working order.

· Advanced Riding- The class will be an on-road evaluation to determine if student is able to navigate roads in a safe and predictable manner.

There will be a final tire changing test. There will be a certificate of completion and a t-shirt awarded to those completing the course successfully. 

 Bicycle Playground

One of the features of our Kid's Bike Ambassador Program is the Bicycle Playground. This is a multi station skills enhancement and our most popular program. IEBA has built and devised different obstacles to help kid's gain ability and confidence when riding a bike. The playground is easy to transport and set up so if you have a good size lot, we can bring it to you. We also provide at least one staff member and insurance.
Here are the stations (see pictures above):
  • Ramp- 12 inch high 2 sided ramp
  • Teeter Todder- Just like it says. Kids go up, than down. Great way to get over fears
  • Whoopie Dos- 32 feet of wooden rolling terrain
  • Ring Joust- Use a joust to gather hanging rings
  • Bicycle Jenga- Stacking blocks without putting feet on the ground and knocking over
  • Newspaper toss- Reliving an older generations youth. Tossing newspapers in buckets
  • Circle of Death- Kids ride in a circle that gets smaller and they must not put foot on the ground.
  • Portable Pump Track (coming soon)

This is a great supplement to bike rodeos and community events. We can even bring a few extra bikes.



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